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Most inquiries are handled the same Day.
If you have not heard from us within 24 hours most likely your spam filters (or spam filters your ISP has in place) have deleted our response. If we know this happened, we will post about it, but often we have no way of knowing that you never got a response.
Check our Invalid Email List.
If you have not heard back from us within 24 hours of submitting a query click on the Invalid Email List to see if we saw our email to you rejected by your mail server. Remember you will only be listed here if we get a rejection notice - not if your spam filters trap it out or block it. If you are not listed there, wait another 12 hours or so, and then resubmit your query.

How good is our Technical Support?

There is absolutely no doubt in my mind that Pimlico provides the best support of any Palm software provider.  That may sound like hyperbole, but I think it's fact.
Steve T.

Many thanks, it worked immediately! Your service is outstanding : fast, friendly and efficient. You should give some lessons to the people from Microsoft.

YOU GUYS ROCK! Thank you SO much! Is there anywhere I can give you guys public Kudos?!? I have NEVER, NEVER, NEVER dealt with a company with such EXCELLENT customer support!

You guys are the absolute best in this business. If there is ever a referral or recommendation I can give, just ask. Doing business with your firm is the standard all should aspire to.
Dave S.

Thanks for your excellent service! This is better than I get for some software that I paid a LOT more money for!

This is the best - quickest and most detailed, thorough and personal - technical support I have ever received.
Dan A.

Once again I am impressed by both your professionalism and the quality of your software. I look forward to purchasing other 3C programs from you.
Chris P

Thanks for all your help, I have never had better tech support!
Joe Hite

Again, Ive said it before. You set an example in support that is unchallenged on any platform.

Thanks so much for your prompt and thorough response. You are the best software author that I have ever encountered, and I really appreciate your thoughtfulness to customer feedback.
Konrad H

I just finished reading the manual front to back. First, it (like DB3 and 4) is very easy to understand. Folks who have significantly less complicated and powerful programs would do well to read it and learn how to write explanations that actually benefit the software user!
Angela W.

Thanks for your quick response. You guys are great. I wish other software vendors were as responsible as you.
Richard S.

Great Software. Great Ideals. Great Service. What else could I ask for? Keep up the great work.
Doyle R.

This by far is the best customer service I have received in years, thanks for you help.
Your loyal customer,
Kirsten B.

So, thanks a lot for all your help. I couldn't have asked for better support! :^)
Steve F.

Just a brief note to thank you for the email support using Datebk5. It is the best program that I have experienced for the Palm OS.
The customer support has been exceptional.
Once again, Thank You.
Gregory H.


Technical Support

Non-Technical Questions and General Inquiries
For all non-technical questions and inquiries, submit an email to SWSupport@PimlicoSoftware.com. Make sure you include enough information to respond to your inquiry.
Lost Registration Code or Change of Email
Send an email to Technical support with as much information as possible - be sure to include your full name, mailing address, prior email address etc.

If you have lost the link to Pimlical/Android, send a blank email to the standard tech support address (see Contact tab) with a subject line of Pimlical/Android Download Request

Downloading Applications
If you have not already downloaded your application:

Pimlical/Android: send email to Tech Support with subject line of Pimlical/Android Download Request from the same email address that you used to order the product from and you will get a link back within 24-48 hours.

Pimlical/Desktop: click here to go to the page with the Download links.

Technical Support on Specific Products
For Fastest Technical Support on a specific program:

  Pimlical Desktop - click on Email Tech Support button in Menu | Help | About & Tech Support
  Pimlical Android or Widget - Click on Contact Tech Support button in Menu | Help & Usage Tips
  DateBk & DbFixIt - send email directly to Tech Support

If your system does not bring up your email program with all the necessary information pre-filled (except for your experience level, and of course the issue you have), then try using the web-based forms:

  Pimlical Desktop - http://www.pimlicosoftware.com/TechSupportRequestDesktop.html
  Pimlical Android or Widget - http://www.pimlicosoftware.com/TechSupportRequestAndroid.html

If you contact Tech Support Directly, you must include all the basic information: program name and version, operating system and java version (for desktop) or brand/model (for Android). Also indicate if you are using DirectSync, and whether you are using the local calendar, Android/Google Calendars, or a combination of both. 
Frequently Asked Questions - FAQ's
Questions that many people are asking may be covered in various FAQ's:

FAQ's for Pimlical Android
FAQ's for Pimlical Desktop
FAQ's for DateBk6

These files are often worth checking before reporting a problem as it may be just a misunderstanding as to how something works, and others may have had a similar issue. Of course if too many people are all asking the same question, it tells us that we need to change something in the program to make it clearer(!). There are also FAQ's for the older Palm programs - see right sidebar on the corresponding page for that product.

There are reference manuals available on these programs:

Pimlical/Desktop (pdf)
(web-based and most up to date) - Search the manual on the line below.
Pimlical/Widget (web-based)
DirectSync (web-based)
DateBk6 (pdf)
Video Tutorials
There are Video Tutorials available for Pimlical/Android on YouTube:


Support Forums

There are useful forums on the internet where you can post inquiries about these programs. Due to their popularity, there are thousands of Users who use these products and who often frequent these forums and offer help to people who ask questions. If you have not used these forums before, it's a good idea to read them first to ensure you engage in appropriate 'netiquette'.  These forums are run by the users themselves, and not by Pimlico Software. Discourteous or inappropriate language may cause posts to be removed by those users who moderate the forums, so politeness is encouraged!

Popular forums include the Pimlical Forum and DateBk Forum on Yahoo Groups.

Refund Requests
Normally, refunds are not granted for any products that have extended trial periods. However, some products, such as Pimlical/Android only have short trial periods, so we understand there may be a legitimate need to provide a refund. Keep in mind, however, that all the profits from the sale of these products go to benefit wildlife conservation (see www.dewarwildlife.org for information on the only private, AZA-certified gorilla sanctuary in the world that gets virtually all of its funding from Pimlico Software, Inc. (since CESD runs both Pimlico and the non-profit, 501(c)(3) Dewar Wildlife Trust). If you still wish to proceed with requesting a refund, please Click Here to request a refund.
Who is CESD?
Well there's a short biography here for those who wonder what Computer Software and Smartphones have to do with wildlife

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